Tireless Supporter!

Working for a Fortune 10 company is often rewarding but frequently stressful.  I was feeling overwhelmed, attempting to find that mythical work-life balance while the world battled COVID-19.  It was Sudha, with her deep and genuine desire to help, that brought order to my chaos.  After conducting an initial Wheel of Life assessment, it was evident on which areas I needed to focus.  With Sudha’s help, we methodically mapped out a plan of baby steps to tackle the challenges with my career, health, home, aging parents and personal relationships.  Having Sudha as my stress coach…   

-Liz G.

Inspiring Health Coach

Sudha Gopal is a motivator and an inspiring health coach.  She is very knowledgeable, compassionate, encouraging, and very committed to her work and her clients.  She finds strength in every person and makes lifestyle changes easy, by empowering her clients.  

-Sonia L.

Kind and Compassionate

She is kind and compassionate.  It’s almost like she can read my mind.

-Doreen W., APRN