Sudha Gopal, FMCHC, NBC-HWC

Practitioner & CEO, Buoyant Wellness, LLC

As a health and wellness coach, Sudha Gopal is passionate about helping people who are overly stressed and exhausted.  She helps her clients make life style changes so that they live their life fully engaged, not just coping, but in fact thriving.  It was in the midst of her own stressful work environment – one which impacted her work life balance and started affecting her health – that she became determined to find a way to heal her mind and body and regain her vitality.

Based on her personal journey, Sudha believes that understanding our body’s own healing mechanism and changing our lifestyle behaviors can make us live a healthier and happier life.  We all face stressful life events but how we respond to it determines whether we thrive or simply survive.  Our mind-set, intentional living and self-care can help us heal, feel connected and live a fully engaged life.

As a Functional Medicine certified health coach (FMCHC) and National Board-certified coach (NBC-HWC) Sudha uses the core principles of coaching and positive psychology to help her clients go deeper into what could be causing them issues.  She provides a safe space for them to discover what is holding them back. She helps them leverage their own strengths and be their own best advocate.  Her clients benefit from co-created, customized plans to assist them in their journey.