Group Coaching

Coming in the future!

One-on-One Coaching

(Prices will be discussed during the discovery session.)

A customized program that will be tailored for you.  The personalized plan will address areas of diet, movement, sleep and lifestyle habits that will put you on the road to feeling less stress and more energy.  You will be able to pick one of the following two options for your coaching sessions:

1. Individual sessions

This consists of a 90-minute initial coaching session followed by 60-minute follow-up coaching sessions.  Each session is purchased separately.

In the initial session, we will:

  • do a review of the assessments that were given to you after the free info session and subsequently completed by you.
  • discuss your current health/wellness concerns.
  • understand your vision for health.
  • establish a 3-month or 6-month Goals and Actions plan, based on your needs.

In follow-up sessions, we will:

  • do a review of the progress towards goals and actions set up in previous session(s).
  • make any changes as necessary.
  • review any actions to be taken prior to the next session.
  • discuss any new concerns.

2. Bundled session packages (lower cost per session)

These consist of a 90-minute initial coaching session plus a certain number of 60-minute follow-up coaching sessions. The package prices are discounted from the total prices for individual sessions.

  • 3 session package (Initial session plus 2 follow-up sessions)
  • 5 session package (Initial session plus 4 follow-up sessions)
  • 8 session package (Initial session plus 7 follow-up sessions)

Practical tools, Resources, and recommendations will be provided to support you through your journey.    Email, Chat and Phone support will be available throughout the program. Please contact us if your situation requires different program arrangements than the ones we currently offer.

Programs and prices subject to change without notice.